Zodiac signs most likely to smoke cigarettes

Doctors smoked in the office with their patients and even pregnant mothers puffed on cigarettes without a worry in the world. Today, we all know that smoking is bad for your health. In fact, the U. Department of Health and Human Services has listed smoking as the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States.

Nearly 1 in 5 deaths that occur are attributed to smoking and the damages it causes to the human body, accounting for nearly half a million deaths each year. If you smoke, you are two times as likely to suffer a heart attack and thirty times more likely to develop lung cancer.

While many people have quit smoking, or never started, as a result of these facts and statistics, there are still millions of people who do. If you or someone you love is trying to or even thinking about quitting, perhaps these images will help motivate your decision.

The Cosmic Links Between Your Zodiac Signs

Chen Jingyu. The photo comes from a shocking video that surfaced, which showed the lungs of a year-old man who died from multiple forms of lung disease. The patient chose to donate his organs after death. He was declared brain dead, and his lungs were donated shortly after that.

Chen, the lung transplant surgeon behind the operation, told media outlets. Approximately one in every three cigarettes smoked around the world is smoked in China.

zodiac signs most likely to smoke cigarettes

According to wpro. It is predicted that the number of Tobacco related deaths in China will increase to 3 million by the year In addition, over 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease. All of the knowledge we have about smoking has decreased the number of smokers in the US. Prior toaround 21 out of every adults smoked cigarettes, accounting for People between the ages of 25 and 44 and 45 and 65 years old are the most likely to smoke.

Nearly 16 of every adults between 45 and 65 years old smoke, while nearly 17 out of every adults between 25 and 44 smoke. People between 18 and 24 are the least likely to smoke, with around 8 out of every adults saying they smoke cigarettes.

Education level plays a role in cigarette smoking too. While 36 out of every adults with a GED certificate smoke, only 4 out of every adults with a graduate degree smoke. Aroundpeople die of second-hand smoke exposure every single year. You can learn more about the statistics at cdc. Prev Article Next Article.

More men smoke than women. Related Posts.No surprise here, known as the ghost of the zodiac. Aquarius can end up alone, because they are the most secure with themselves out of all the other signs. They can find pure happiness in deep solitude. Truth be told, Aquarius are deep souls and when they connect they do connect deeply. However, this connection is rare and does not come often. Aquarius are liked by most, but honestly they do not like most.

They are not like the rest of us, in the best way possible. Which is why it will be the most difficult for an Aquarius to lock down a partner, they are percent happy with. Aquarius are huge dreamers and bigger activists. They will always believe there is something more out there.

Their solitude attitude can make their partner doubt their commitment. Honestly an Aquarius needs their spaceā€¦ it is not, because they do not care, but they need their alone time to think.

This alone time can be hard for other signs to accept. Basically an Aquarius just needs a girl who gon really understand. Fire sign breathes passion, but you should lead with caution.

An Aries knows what they want and always goes after it. This determination is admirable, but not always effective. They tend to leap before they look. An Aries can treat their love interest like a new project. They can become obsessive until they master their craft, yet bored once they have reached the top. This is simply, because they lead with passion and jumped too soon with you. Aries are a strong sign that need a stronger partner.

zodiac signs most likely to smoke cigarettes

They are very into self improvement and growth. It can be hard to find a match that can keep up with an Aries. They can easily scare some of the more sensitive signs away with their intensity. A Capricorn knows how to play hard ball.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Drinking Habits

They work hard and have extremely high standards. Capricorns may be extremely selective, but they are also extremely loyal. They are tough to get to know simply, because they are very work oriented. Time is money to them literally, so you better be worth it.We know that your sign can help you find your soulmate, but did you know that it can also predict what kind of family you two will build together?

Two charismatic partners who love to socialize might make a great couple and amazing friends, but once they have a child they're not going to understand that babies aren't just props for Instagram selfies. Still, the stars and planets that bless a union will often bless the children as well! Great astrological combinations result in some of the most confident, successful children in the world. Do you and your partner want to have kids one day?

Or are you still searching for your soulmate? Either way, see how your sign fares in some of the pairings below. You may be surprised at some zodiac combinations that make great parents even though they're doomed to split as a couple and other combinations that will stay together forever but whose kids will end up in therapy.

What kind of parent are you going to be? Sometimes their tempers mean they part ways after only a few days. But if that initial burst of passion turns into a lifelong partnership and a family, only good kids can come of it. Usually, this pairing enjoys high-energy activities together, especially hiking and camping.

Aries is powerful, strong and enthusiastic, pushing the sometimes more reluctant but much more organized Sagittarius out into the wild where they both find an outlet for their energetic personalities. Their children will grow up knowing how to build a fire from twigs, find edible mushrooms, and hunt and fish like pros. If you're their lucky child, you're bound to be pretty damned resourceful and go rock climbing on the weekends.

Both signs share traditional values, so starting a family would never be too far off the horizon once they get together. Forget making mud pies and climbing trees: Taurus is too worried the kids will get a staph infection or break a leg, and Capricorn wants them inside practicing piano. Raised in a home that stifles creativity and simultaneously emphasizes achievement and avoiding risk, that child is going to have some serious anxiety problems and end up running away from home at fifteen to join a punk rock band in North Dakota.

Let's face it: fire signs and water signs are steamy at first, but it all evaporates into nothing. If during their brief time together Leo and Scorpio have kids, they'll still do everything they can to raise them right once the relationship dries up. Leo, with a natural zest for life, will take their little one to museums, parks, and libraries, teaching them to take joy in small pleasures.

For compassionate Scorpio, having a baby opens up a new world of emotion to explore. Both parents value consistency and will make sure that family holidays and transitions from mom's house to dad's house are a breeze. It's difficult to have your parents separate, but if there's any pairing that handles it well, it's these two. Did you ever wish you had a mom whose closet you could raid? If you're the child of a Taurus and Libra pairing, this is your life.

Financially successful Libra loves to spoil Taurus and the kids by taking them on wild shopping sprees or even sewing original designs for the whole family. And it's not all about materialism.

They may over fashion, but Taurus and Libra are also great communicators and strong protective signs. They'll do anything for each other, and especially for their incredibly well-dressed children. Except the exact opposite happens. Because Aquarius is prone, for better or for worse, to self-analyzing, when they pair with another Aquarius they're going to bring up fears of being too tough on the kids.

An Aquarius doesn't go back on his or her word. Even when it becomes apparent that the kid is growing up spoiled, neither parent is going to change their disciplinary tactics, and they'll have too much pride to seek outside help.

Toddler meltdowns in family restaurants are going to turn into bridezilla tantrums in the blink of an eye. They grow up so fast! You've won the parental lottery if you've got two Pisces guiding you through the world. Not only are you getting an awesome treehouse built from scrap wood out in the backyard and good meals on the cheap Pisces are resourceful like that you have two deeply compassionate people looking out for you in life.

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By paul, Tuesday, January 29, PM I found this website quite by accident and read about both Leo and Pisces, because they pertain to both my wife and myself. You are so far off the mark on both that I have to wonder if you're even on the right planet. Neither of us are, in any way, properly described in these. But I do love Sex I don't spend what I don't have on things I don't need either My hubby is a pisces and he does have low tolerance for pain so I do watch him when he gets prescribed anything For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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Is one Zodiac sign more prone to addiction than another? Of course, the temptation to abuse oneself with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco might be more complex than just your Zodiac sign, but it does seem that some signs are more prone to addiction than others. Of course, addiction is not just restricted to the vices you can put in your mouth. People are often vulnerable to other types of addictions, such as workaholics and sex addiction.

Here is a look at how vulnerable each Zodiac sign might be to an addiction and what kind of addictions might get them in the end. Aries This is an impetuous individual that is ruled by fire, so both smoking and drinking are definitely a risk. Once an Aries becomes an addict, it is very hard to get them to stop because this is a very stubborn or defiant sign.

zodiac signs most likely to smoke cigarettes

The Ram may feel that they are somehow relieving stress by drinking or taking antidepressants. They also like to smoke to appear glamorous. Taurus This is a very stable sign, but not that self aware especially when it comes to eating or drinking too much. This sign also enjoys its sensual pleasures. Feeling frustrated sexually often drives this sign to drink or abusive behaviour.

Being overweight is also often a problem with this sign that can be an obsessive television channel surfer. Bulls who feel guilty about something also turn into workaholics.Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Which signs under the zodiac are most likely to try drugs? Be addicted to drugs? Never do drugs? Or is there no correlation?

I'm a capicorn, haven't been addicted to anything. Yet haha. I heard Pisces are prone to getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Not sure about what the word is on the other signs. As a pisces, myself, I can tell you I am highly against drugs. I only know one that is into that stuff. I imagine the addiction is correlated to Pisces's escapism, etc. ScenicAug 1, AerianneAug 1, You were right, Lotus.

Capricorn seems to be the least addiction-prone. AerianneAug 2, Interesting, I'm also a Capricorn I don't related to their reasons and although I have formed small addictions found it very easy to quit whenever I wanted to. Coupled with a Taurus moon I think this speaks alot. The Leo thing is dead on for sure as is Aries.

Every sign is prone to drug addiction and experimentation because we are all human. Everyone is prone to experimentation yes, but not addiction. Very different. Nothing is right or wrong when it's a personal opinion. ScenicAug 3, Are you intending to quit smoking? Well, it will be much easier if you do it in an appropriate time. It could reveal whether one is predisposed to smoking at birth and to what degree.

Most importantly, it indicates the times when it is easier to give up the habit. It is not a new discovery that there are clear-cut horoscopic indicators of drug addiction including smoking and drinking. Drinking only slightly differs from smoking in horoscopic terms. Still certain opiates are considered to be associated with specific factors. For instance, it seems that the abundance of water element gives an advantage to the first. But I mean any drug dependence. Knowing whether people are programmed at birth to become dependent on addictive substances could be very useful to them and to their relatives.

It makes prevention of drug abuse possible. The nativity is also instructive about the strength of the inborn inclination to addiction and its variation in time. When the need of sedatives is great, the tobacco cravings are at their strongest. Correspondingly, smoking cessation is easiest when the tobacco cravings is minimal.

Knowledge of these times can be of great help to those who intend to dispense with nicotine dependency. And to those who fear not taking up smoking again. Once in a blue moon, however, it may signify a much complex and special horoscopic inclination to addiction, the understanding of which requires further investigation. Astrology provides those who want to get rid of their addiction the opportunity to do it.

The Type Of Pot Smoker You REALLY Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It gives them the chance to find out the times when quitting tobacco smoking could be easier to them. However, the period appropriate to overcome the addiction is only rarely imperative enough to cause spontaneous quitting. I collect horoscopic data of such cases.Capricorn-My mom has been smoking cigarettes sense she was 14 she told me. She also told me she did it to look cool but sense she started to do nurse work around the age of 15 or 16 it turned out to calm her nerves because she does worry A LOT!.

There's another Cap I know and she only smoke cigarettes when she's stressed out. Scorpio-My brother smokes cigarettes when he needs one his a guard at a prison so I can see his point. My best friend smokes weed because he just simply likes the feeling of it and also does my other best friend. Taurus-I have smoked weed here and there even though I like drinking better. Sense I'm a over thinker and worry about what's gonna happen next I smoke and drink not all the time just to feel free and no worries.

There's also 2 other taurus girls I know that smoke weed because of the feeling. Leo-My dad use to smoke cigarettes and he would do it because he was just addicted to it that's what he told me. She smokes cigarettes when she don't have any weed and when she does have weed she uses it for "therapy" because she doesn't know how to cope with problems in her life. My other best friend smokes both as well excepts when she have weed she uses it to try to forget painful things.

A lot of Capricorn's will smoke, as well as Pisces. I'm sorry. I HAVE to smoke.

Which Zodiac sign is most prone to drug addiction/experimentation?

One day, when I own a house in the middle of no where, and I don't have to relate with many people but my family, I will quit smoking. But, that's a long time from now. Weed definitely stimulates my mind and I feel more in touch with my emotions since I have problems with even knowing how I feel at times all that Gemini in me aha I also love arts and music since Taurus ruling planet is Venus and being high with great music or yuuummmyyy munchies is definitely the move!

I feel as if a fire sign would be more likely to drink since they are sooo full of energy and we all know alcohol can get you very pumped up --or extreme drugs that may make someone feel powerful. Why is everyone saying Gemini's? I would never smoke, smoking is stupid and I don't get why my mother and her boyfriend does it. Astrology does not tell you what you are going to do, it doesn't influence you,you make your own decisions.

Taurus and Aquarius. I think i've only met one taurus that is against drugs. Taurus are the most reckless when it comes to drugs but they dont seem to notice it.

Answer Save. Bambi Lv 4. Favorite Answer. Capricorn,Scorpio,Taurus,and Leo from what I've noticed Capricorn-My mom has been smoking cigarettes sense she was 14 she told me. There's another Cap I know and she only smoke cigarettes when she's stressed out Scorpio-My brother smokes cigarettes when he needs one his a guard at a prison so I can see his point.

My best friend smokes weed because he just simply likes the feeling of it and also does my other best friend Taurus-I have smoked weed here and there even though I like drinking better. There's also 2 other taurus girls I know that smoke weed because of the feeling Leo-My dad use to smoke cigarettes and he would do it because he was just addicted to it that's what he told me. Jamie Lv 4. Universal Spirit.

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